Marco Turzynski

Level Design

Dying Light (Work in progress)

Dying light is a first-person action survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open-world, created by Techland. The game is known for its free-roaming parkour-based gameplay, which is central to the experience.

Design Objectives

  • Creating a level within which I could improve my level design skills by working on level design principles; Affordances, denying affordances, visual language (shape and color), landmark, framing, composition, and leading lines.

  • To create a level to learn and understand the process of making an open environment, while making sure it would fit within the world of Dying Light.

  • Making a level that tells the story through the environment (show don't tell).


Player Guidance

 Reference Pictures

This is a challenge for me as it's my first ever attempt at creating a level design within a realistic setting. I felt that making it look realistic wasn't necessarily the most important part, but rather make it feel realistic. I started with researching the layout of cities by looking on google map, studying both the interior and exterior layout and look in the game, and analyzing the level design in the game to better understand what makes it works together with the parkour.

Analyzing the Level Design

One of my priorities, before diving in and start working on my level, was to analyze the level design in the game. This was so I could better understand the relationship between the parkour movement and the level design. It is important for me that my level has the equivalent feeling of freedom and free-flow as in the game, as this is the essence of the game.


Asset Zoo

To make my workflow easier, I decided to make an asset zoo. This became a good way to learn and understand the naming convention in the editor. I decided to split the assets in the zoo, into categories to easier find whichever asset I would need.


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